Posted by: 9o99y | April 16, 2008

Hello world!

I’m Poppy Patricia. An Indonesian currently live in West Java, Indonesia. I’m a mother of a son and I’m proud of it! I love to eat, enjoyed photography, listen to nice music and make new friends. I also love to read, almost about anything. I work as Quality Assurance staff of a Vaccine and Sera Producer in my country. My fave mags would be National Geographic, for it’s world class articles and superb photos! I appreciate good writings and I do salute diligent writers. One of my dream is to learn how to write, so now I learn by joining wordpress, let’s hope I can produce nice article.

I welcome you guys to stroll around this humble corner of mine. Please leave comments so I will know how far I have improve or fall in my writing, and surely hope we can become friends. Finally, I shout to you guys out there : Hello world! Let’s share!

Bandung, 160408




  1. Hi, where are your posting mom?

    I’m waiting your stories about cozy places to eat around your neighbourhood. You know, it’s call citizen-journalistic, the news that generated by common people not by a journalist.



  2. Hi newbie Poppy, finally you become a blogger 🙂 keep on write, share story and inspiration. Can’t wait to read your story ……….

  3. hi poppy bloggy…finally i can reach a fine young lady who is willing to share her ideas with millions of people in the world.

    So what’s the story for today?

  4. Wgiyo Shvrnsky :
    Hi! Howdy? I’ve been working on some issues right now, just waiting to be published. I’m affraid They’re not about cozy places to dyne, but I can write about it later on, thanks for the Idea.

    Wage-san :
    Yow bro! Thanks for visiting! You arouses me to write more. Keep on encouraging.. You know I need it..

    pikoakira :
    Hello piko! Fine young lady?? Geee.. thanx alot!
    I’ve been strolling your blog too, and my impression is : KEWLL!! (cool!!)

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