Posted by: 9o99y | May 26, 2008

If God Offer Me Two Choices..

Dearest Son,

If God offer me two choices, have a great supermodel figures,
..or.. be fat because of pregnant with you,
..I’d feel very lucky to be pregnant with you..

If God offer me two choices, spent a splendid time in the most luxurious Spa in the world,
..or.. be in great pain of giving birth to you,
..I’d be eager to give birth to you..

If God offer me two choices, have an ultimate vacation for a life time in the Bahamas,
..or.. raise you, feed you, bathe you, teach you, be your shoulder to cry, and so on..
..I’d choose to go all the way with you..

If God offer me two choices, be a well known writer-world class photographer which travels around the world whom I’ve always wanted to be..
..or.. be your mother and stay by your side for a life time
..I’d be very happy to have you as my son!

Because of all the great things in the world, to me you are simply the best of the rest!

Happy 2nd birthday ‘Son!

May 25, 2008 – 02:33 am.



  1. Happy Birthday For Rayyan..wish all the best 🙂

  2. yaya berkunjuuuung~ ❤

    rayya ultah ya? Saengil Chukae, Rayya~ <33

  3. How if have a vacation in Bahamas with Rayyan?

  4. wah rayya memang ga salah pilih, dapat bunda yg hebat, hehe

    Happy Birthday Son

  5. wagenugraha : Thanx yaww.. anakku 2 taun!

    yaya : Khamsa hamida onni yaya!

    Hani : berarti ibundanya akan menyertai dooong mbak Hannn..

    Said: Gee.. jadi malu hik hik hik

  6. hello poppy thanks 4 ur visit

    nice poem. on behalf of rayya i’ll say “what a wonderful mom you are. hope u say it 2 rayya everyday…”

    desperately waiting ur new post about price of 10 kgs chicken flesh at… hehehe ^_^

  7. met kenal ya Rayya….kapan-kapan om kenalan beneran tapi sama mamanya dibawa donk ke kantor 🙂

    MEt ultah ya

  8. Salam kenal mba’ Poppy…
    Kapan2 mampir ya…

  9. What an amazing poem, mbak 9o99y
    Met kenal, saya juga lagi belajar nulis lewat wordpress..

  10. Selamat pagi Pia, selamat hari ibu yah 😉

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